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So how good do you need to be! Well as we are going in circles you don’t even need to be able to stop (it would help)!

This is not just for people that are new to skating. We often have members of the local speed skating team who want to start the day on skates.


In other words, if you have skates please come and join us.


The Easy Saturday Skate (ESS) is simply two chilled laps of Battersea Park on skates.


Its every Saturday at 10:30am (if dry) all year around.


We meet by the Pagoda in Battersea park.


It’s 100% free, and we often have a qualified instructor to help people, again for free.


All you have to do is have fun!!!


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13rd Dec 2014.


We are the warm up for the santa skate, rap up warm and see you in the park :-)


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